Vh1 Homepage Redesign

Redesigned the Vh1's homepage and navigation using a new grid and layout structure which offered a 'mixed bag' of content for users. Strengthened branding by incorporating the new look and feel of VH1, including a bold design treatment and color palette. This new modular style system was also applied throughout the site.

VH1's Posted

Posted is a multi-site music franchise, sponsored by AT&T, that turned content into conversation. Each month a different artist was selected and featured on one of the MTV Music sites – MTV.com, VH1.com and CMT.com.

Together, AT&T and MTV Music enabled fans to get even closer to the artists and their music via livestreaming, programming the experience to drive social and viral conversation.

Designed the Posted logo, the interface and interaction for the new music franchise across all three music sites. Incorporated AT&T's brand in areas such as the background art, header treatment, and css color styling throughout the page.

Example of the American Express redesign using the American Express Design Language System.

VH1's You Oughta Know

You Oughta Know (YOK) is one of VH1's music franchises where users can discover new, up and coming artists.

Redesigned the music franchise template, replacing a 3-column layout with a 2-column layout to improve content hierarchy. Incorporated YOK's branding throughout the site with color treatment, and background art treatment.

Example of a Card Member's authenticated home screen using the American Express Design Language System.